Everyone can play Jigyasa.
The quiz is open to everyone across the world.
1. Participants in the age group of 13 to 18 (as of March 31, 2022) will be eligible to play the pre-qualifier round, followed by the District round, State round, Regional round, and eventually the National round.
2. All other participants will participate in the Jigyasa - Play-Along round. Play Along participants will answer 5 questions per day and win exciting rewards.

Yes, the quiz is open to international participants.

Jigyasa is open to everyone between the age of 13 and 18 (on March 31, 2022). It is not mandatory to be enrolled in an educational institution.

Yes, you can continue to participate in Jigyasa, even if you don’t qualify for the subsequent round. The Play-Along feature allows everyone to participate in the quiz and answer up to 5 questions every day.

Yes, you can participate in Jigyasa any number of times.

Yes, you are eligible for a certificate every time you complete a quiz on Jigyasa.

Yes, there are attractive prizes for participants in the Play-Along category. Play Along winners will also be eligible for certificates and exciting gift hampers.

The National Round will be held at New Delhi, India.

Structure of Jigyasa for between the age of 13 and 18 (on March 31, 2022):
1. Jigyasa starts with a Pre-Qualifier round. Those who qualify the pre-qualifier move up to the District Round. District Round winners then go on the play the State Round.
2. State Round will also be an online round. It will be conducted in digital quiz rooms.
3. After the completion of the State Round, Jigyasa switches to offline mode.
4. Winners from the State Round will be invited to participate in the Regional Round in teams of 2. Regional Rounds will be held in New Delhi (North Region), West Bengal (East Region), Mumbai (West Region), and Chennai (South Region). All travel arrangements will be made by team Jigyasa.
5. Winning teams of the Regional Round will be invited to participate in the Final Round in New Delhi.

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Yes, Jigyasa is available in 17 languages.